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Pi Cluster: E2.1 Ansible Update

Hi there,

In E2 of this series we installed ansible on to our master node.
Since then there have been a few updates that are not yet included in the repository.
So we’ll manually update using 2 lines of code and using ansible to do so.
So since this is a 2 line update this is not a full episode.

Updating Ansible

Copy-paste the 2 lines of code below using your ansible user and see the fun.
As of December 2020 the ansible in the Raspberry Pi repository is V2.7.7, the one we are installing here is V2.9.15.
You can check this using the ansible –version command

ansible-playbook ansible_latest.yml --extra-vars 'target=localhost'

Have fun!

Any commends, remarks or requests?
Don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form.

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